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The Testing Elephant in the Room

Even thought it is 2014 and the IT/programming industry has been creating software for over 40 years, testing is still “an elephant in the room”…let’s pause there for a second to let that sink in – software has been developed for

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The Personal Responsibility Elephant in the Room

One area of the workplace that some don’t even know exists is personal responsibility. It seems in today’s world, there’s plenty of “I’m the victim”, blame game and “it’s your fault, not mine” to go around. When it comes to

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The Computer Education Elephant in the Room

How many of you have run into this situation: You’re explaining something about one of your systems and the other person just glazes over and says, “…oh, I don’t know what you’re talking about…I’m not technical…”  It’s a defense mechanism. 

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The Interoperability Elephant in the Room

As all healthcare IT professionals know, over the last several years there have been incentives to adopt electronic health records (EHR) systems. While it probably amazed most other IT professionals that there needed to be incentives to move away from

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The Meeting Elephant in the Room

If you are at any level of success in a company, meeting requests are a major problem. On one hand, you need a team of highly skilled people to collaborate on complex issues to find the right path to bring

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The Java Elephant in the Room

For starters, this is not a rant against Java. I like it…and I’ve learned not to enter a holy war about programming languages. There are many factors outside the exact language that go into what is used for what. So

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