TV and Traditional Databases – The Decline is Real

Cable-TV-subscriber-decline-2010-13 So have you heard of Smosh?  If you’re over the age of 30, it’s OK to say “No”. Smosh is a YouTube duo that has their first major movie release coming out this Friday, aptly titled Smosh: The Movie. Something tells me that it won’t be up for any Academy Awards this year.  However, that’s not the point.  The interesting fact is that a few on YouTube are now really becoming celebrities and making some good money.  Instead of saying something like, “…these darn kids…” or “…youtube is a fad…”, I say, “Good for you…get creative and make some money.”  In fact, there are signs that this thing is real and here to stay.  USA Today ran a story about a “marketing matchmaker” that pairs brands with YouTubers.  What that means is that there’s starting to be some real money floating around.  This isn’t just some kids posting Minecraft videos (although, some of those guys are making some serious cash too!).

Now, of course, all you nay-sayers (haters gotta hate, right?) are thinking that this YouTube phenomena is a niche thing and only appeals to a fraction of the people out there.  In fact, adweek recently ran a story reinforcing the idea that TV is THE MOST effective advertising medium. I’m sure that is still true and I won’t debate that.

However, the real thing to consider is the trend.  Where is it going?  I’ll do an analogy to the traditional relational database market (see, I did bring it back to IT and data!).  Check out this powerful graph showing various (250!) database platforms and where they rank in the marketplace.  As expected (just like TV), the 800-pound gorillas Oracle and SQL Server are still at the top and significantly above everyone else.  However, just like TV, the trend is in decline.  Yes, it will take time for other media to overtake traditional TV just like it will take time for other database platforms to overtake the biggies.  The real question that you have to ask yourself, though, is: when are you going to take a look around at the new and up-and-coming players?

In terms of DB platforms, there’s a good horse-race going on.  As you may expect, the upward trends are by platforms like MongoDB, Casandra and HBASE.  Personally, I see alot of promise with Redshift and DynamoDB.  What are the new DB platforms that you’re looking into?


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